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To help protect your premises against pests, good building maintenance is key. By proofing your property, you can deter pests from gaining access in the first place. Bug Stop Industrial Extermination is skilled in all areas of professional building maintenance in Sydney, and can ensure that your premises are safeguarded from unwanted guests.

We can provide a range of non-chemical improvements/pest prevention services that will keep your products, employees, and property suitably protected.

What the process involves

If you request building maintenance services, we can visit your site to assess the current situation, looking at any measures you already have in place and how effective these are. We can also assess the presence of any pests or potential pests in the surrounding area, identifying these and recommending the best way to deal with them.

One of the most effective ways of controlling pests is simply to block access to your premises, so we’ll make note of any gaps, cracks and other entry points. These can then be sealed off without the need for chemical control, and can provide a great long-term solution.

We’ll always provide the most reliable pest control method to deal with the pests at hand whether it’s cockroaches, rodents or feral birds. At Bug Stop Industrial Extermination, we offer custom-made pest control services designed to suit every job and will always deliver exactly what you need.

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