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Effective pest control for transport and distribution industries in Sydney

The transportation of goods can also mean the unwitting transportation of unwanted pests, so it’s important to check all goods entering and leaving your premises. Transport and distribution organisations can experience high levels of pest activity, so making sure that vehicles are well-maintained, and products are checked before transit is key.

Some goods, such as foodstuffs, will be particularly attractive to pests, so careful attention should be given to such items. However, the storage and transportation of all goods should be monitored to make sure pest problems don’t arise.

Quality pest control for transport industries

Bug Stop Industrial Extermination offers reliable pest control for transport industries in the Sydney area, and can work with you to tackle pests or to prevent their occurrence. By taking such measures, you can prevent cross-contamination of goods and prevent financial loss, health issues and more.

Whether you’re experiencing problems with rodents, ants, cockroaches or anything else, our professional pest inspectors can quickly identify the problem at hand and devise a way to deal with it. We work within the relevant health and safety guidelines on all jobs and guarantee best practice every time.

So, don’t let pests hitch a free ride to another destination – give Bug Stop Industrial Extermination a call and we’ll make sure they aren’t a problem.

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