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Efficient stored product pest control in Sydney

Stored Products Pests

Stored product pests

These pests are primary and secondary pests of grains and are responsible for infesting foodstuffs such as dried fruits, flour products, nuts, spices, various processed food lines, tobacco etc.

They are the least feared pests but probably the most damaging and potentially dangerous group of pests.

Infestations of stored product pests are a common and major threat to food processing, mills and warehouse/storage facilities. Ongoing inspections and monitoring of these type of situations is critical, Bug Stop can provide necessary recommendations and servicing to prevent problems occurring. 

Bug Stop can also provide on-site training sessions to staff at your facility and point out hot spots so that your staff are aware of how to recognise potential problems, especially through maintenance and cleaning systems.

Stored Product Pests Prevention, Treatment and Control

In addition to grain, nuts and spices, many of the grain pests will also attack manufactured foods such as flour, chocolate, soup mixes, pasta, instant Asian meals, semolina, oats, etc. These products can easily become infested through cross contamination when the products are transported in trucks, stacked on infested pallets or stored near other infested product in storage.

The ideal temperatures for infestations of stored product pests to flourish are between 20 to 30 degrees C. Most species of stored product pest have a very short lifecycle (four weeks). This means that small infestations on delivery can become major infestations within months causing considerable stock loss.

The temperatures together with high humidity created by these pests can sometimes lead to the outbreak of fire.

Prevention & Control Methods:

  • Managed stock rotation
  • Sealing of pest harbourage areas
  • Improving housekeeping and sanitation levels within the site
  • The use of pheromone traps
  • The judicial use of pesticides in the form of liquids and gasses.
  • The instigation of inspection and monitoring programs throughout the site to provide early detection of infestations.
  • Stack fumigation of product/raw materials
  • Removal/Quarantine of Infested Stock
  • Diligent inspection of incoming goods

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