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Effective cockroach control in Sydney



Cockroaches are prevalent throughout the world and have survived virtually unchanged through millions of years of evolution. Cockroaches are a major health risk and spread disease.

Their musky odour is produced by large numbers of cockroaches and may taint sensitive foods such as fats and raw material lines. They leave vomit and faecal marks on packaged goods or the cartons they are in, which can render them unusable, resulting in financial loss and/or major embarrassment. Cockroaches are omnivorous and can live on small quantities of anything. Their habit of regurgitating the contents of their crops onto surfaces over which they traverse is responsible for contaminating these surfaces with a whole range of bacteria including Salmonella. 

Cockroaches are a much greater threat to the health of staff and clients in commercial and food processing facilities than either rats or mice. 

Quick action when signs of infestation are detected and ongoing maintenance to prevent further infestations is essential. Professional treatment is a necessary option to gain positive results because of availability to effective products and practices.

Cockroach prevention, treatment and control

If you want to avoid infestations of cockroaches, then maintaining good hygiene levels and cleaning is a great start to keeping these pests at bay. It’s also recommended that all goods entering and leaving your premises are inspected for contamination before storing them or sending them out.

Checking for possible entry points for cockroaches, such as cracks and gaps in warehouses, around doors and elsewhere is also advised. Meanwhile, securing your premises and keeping doors closed – particularly at night – will also help to deter cockroaches.

Cockroach prevention, treatment and control

  • Gaps from missing sealant in tiles
  • Benches in preparation areas
  • Wash bays
  • Production areas
  • Waste accumulation in drains

These locations can act as food sources for cockroaches, so should be checked regularly to ensure that they’re free from contamination. It should also be noted that German cockroaches breed in warm areas, so machine or refrigeration motors, hot water units, and electrical control panels are common places where they might hide.

To ensure that your premises are free from cockroaches, it’s imperative to carry out regular treatment and inspection programs. Bug Stop Industrial Extermination can help you with this. Our pest experts will carry out a thorough survey of your site, identifying what you should do and how often, so you’ll know exactly what’s required – inside and out.

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