Container Fumigation

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Professional container fumigation in Sydney

Container fumigation is the process used to rid containers or closed spaces of pests and is one of the services we provide at Bug Stop Industrial Extermination. If you’re involved in the shipping or transport of products, then it’s important to ensure that pests don’t travel with you. If they do, then this can cause contamination of the products you’re carrying and also risk the cross-contamination of products and facilities at the other end.

We can work with all sizes and types of containers although most come in standard sizes. These include 20ft and 40ft containers, as well as ‘high cube’ containers that are 9.6ft high.

Fumigating containers

To fumigate containers, we’ll use the most suitable method for your particular circumstances, but this will generally involve either pressure decay or tarped fumigation.

The pressure decay technique involves testing the container to see if it can maintain a certain pressure value for a timed period and if so, then it’s deemed ‘gas tight’. It can then be fumigated without the need for a tarp.

Tarped fumigation, on the other hand, requires the use of a tarp for containers that haven’t passed the pressure decay test or where this simply hasn’t been carried out. Our team will cover the container with a special gas-proof tarp, using sand to seal this off and prevent the gas from escaping.

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