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Professional pest control for pharmaceuticals in Sydney

Dealing with pests in the pharmaceutical industry requires great attention to detail and expert delivery of service by a fully trained and competent team. At Bug Stop Industrial Extermination, we offer a specialist pest control service for pharmaceutical firms, and can handle all types of pests.

We understand the strict regulations in place in this industry, so we have a team of highly trained and reliable technicians who can work in this field. Using evidence-based practice and quality equipment, we can ensure that pests aren’t a problem at your premises.

Professionalism guaranteed

Working within the relevant health and safety guidelines at all times, the team at Bug Stop Industrial Extermination will fully assess the situation by carrying out a formal survey. We’ll then explain the most suitable ways to deal with the pest problem or provide advice on effective preventative measures as required. 

Please note: The recommended treatment would include compliance with the Safe Work Method Statement.

Having pests in a pharmaceutical site can be a major health hazard, rendering medicines and treatments unusable and costing the company a lot of money. Products suspected of contamination may be discarded by association, so it’s imperative to contact us at once if you suspect the presence of pests.

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