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Effective termite control in Sydney



Termite Infestations frequently occur in a wide range of commercial buildings, including food factories, heavy commercial plants, office complexes, storage and warehouse facilities.

Infestations normally penetrate up through expansion joints in slab floors or from surrounding soil areas which butt onto perimeter building alignments.

Termite infestations which occur in commercial buildings can be responsible for causing extensive structural damage to internal fixing within those buildings rendering them unsound or can cause damage to goods in storage. 

Termite prevention, treatment, and control

Treatment solutions can vary, a thorough inspection needs to be carried out prior to any treatment recommendation.

Chemical barrier treatment, and/or baiting/monitoring stations may be applied for existing structures. A detailed specification outlining treatment stages would also be supplied.

Should evidence of termite attack occur, it is recommended the suspected activity not be disturbed until positive identification and inspection/survey be carried out, and then recommendations for appropriate treatment would be made.

Remedial treatment for termite infestations occurring in commercial buildings should be carried out in accordance with Australian Standards. Our qualified technicians use only recognised registered termiticides in carrying out treatments to conform to all standards. 

Signs of Termite Infestation

Termites do not travel in the open like other pests. Most species are subterranean, meaning they nest underground. In most cases, the extent of nesting, exact location or number of nests is difficult or impossible to ascertain.

When travelling away from their nests, they shelter inside mud leads/trails because they need darkness and constant humidity.

Their presence can often go unnoticed and is often only found because damage is evident.

Termites identification guide

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