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Speedy rodent control in Sydney



Rats and mice are the largest of the pests you will probably experience in commercial, warehouse, factory or office facilities and are generally the ones that do the most damage. For example: the world loses 10% of its foodstuffs through the activities of rats and mice.

Because their large incisor teeth constantly grow, there is a need to keep them at a manageable length, so they must constantly chew on hard materials such as wood, concrete, electrical wiring, water pipes, computer cables, fabrics etc, to stay alive.

The consequence of this constant gnawing can cause water pipes to leak, electrical short circuits, computer failures and damage to packaging especially packaged food.

Rat or mouse activity in food storage, commercial storage or canteen/tearoom areas inevitably leads to contamination by way of constant urination or by way of excreta as they transverse over varying surfaces. In addition to the damage rodents cause to storage they are also responsible for food-borne diseases such as salmonella.

An effective Rodent control program is essential to protect you company's reputation and to prevent stock from being ruined due to damage and contamination. Regular management is required if you have a site that is susceptible to rodent attack.

Rodent treatment

Depending on the extent of the infestation and the species of rodent that is infesting a site control methods are as follows:

  • Proofing measures to prevent entry-access sanitation and hygiene practices at the site
  • Use of mechanical traps and or glue boards.
  • Appropriate baiting programs.
  • Monitoring programs throughout the site to provide early rodent detection.

Rodent control

Bug Stop's trained staff will carry out an inspection/survey at your site to ascertain appropriate control and/or prevention measures to best suit your situation.

Tamper proof stations can be employed throughout the site in various locations, these stations have varied uses. They can utilise bait, glue boards or traps depending on the situation, and in all cases attractants can also be used to entice the rodent to the station. They are fixed in place, locked and are only accessible with a key. Identification tags and barcoding systems are used so that electronic reports can be generated for your own reference as well as to satisfy external auditing purposes.

Rodent prevention

Bug Stop can also provide trained staff that are experienced in completing proofing measures. Blocking available entry to premises is a major asset to gaining rodent control.

Gaps under exit doors, roller doors, holes around perimeter walls, storm water drains, grease traps and entry points at roof level are all common spots that rodents use to gain entry. Heavy vegetation around perimeter and yard areas also provides harbourage for rodent species. Any of these situations can be attended to by Bug Stop.

We can seal off any potential access point, including:

  • Gaps under exit doors and roller doors
  • Holes around perimeter walls, stormwater drains and grease traps 
  • Entry points at roof level

It should be noted that areas of vegetation in yards can also attract rodents, so it’s important to assess every aspect of your site for the best results.

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