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Get immediate aid with rodent activity in Sydney

Rodents can affect all types of properties and premises, including warehouses, offices, retail spaces and more, and there are some obvious and not so obvious signs of their presence. If you have a problem with mice or rats, then Bug Stop Industrial Extermination can provide an effective solution for an affordable price.

Signs that rats and mice are present:


A clear sign of rats and mice in any space is the presence of droppings, which will be left in and around spots frequently visited by these unwanted pests. 


Rodents prefer warm, cosy spaces for nesting and will make use of any spare packaging or paper lying around, so these are potential places to look if you suspect activity. They also like to be close to food sources and may nest behind cupboards, floorboards and cracks in walls.

Gnaw marks

Rats and mice like to chew and can cause widespread damage to goods and equipment if left unchecked. This can also have detrimental effects on structures and fittings, causing problems such as short circuits, breakdowns and other difficulties. If wires are chewed through, fires may even result, so it’s important to be on the lookout for damaged equipment.


In dusty spaces like warehouses or factories, or in lesser-used office spaces, rodents may leave footprints. Surfaces covered in product residue can also create paw prints when mice and rats are present.

Grease marks

If rodents are frequently accessing tight spaces, then they may leave greasy marks or rub marks behind, as they try to squeeze through tight spots.


Rodents may create burrows in all sorts of spaces, and rats may also be found everywhere from underneath concrete slabs, to gardens, around disused machinery or amongst pallets in yards.

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