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Expert pest control for food warehouses in Sydney

When it comes to tackling pests in food warehouses, Bug Stop Industrial Extermination can provide the solution you need for a competitive price. Warehouses can be potential breeding grounds for a wide range of pests, attracting everything from rodents, ants and termites to feral birds and cockroaches.

If you suspect you have some unwelcome guests, or you would rather be safe than sorry and want to put some preventative measures in place, our friendly team can help. We have years of experience in delivering reliable pest control for food warehouses in Sydney, and will ensure a custom-made solution every time.

Proactive pest management for food manufacturing

When you contact our team, we’ll visit your premises to check for pests, looking at the type of building you have and possible locations for infestations. What you store and the condition of your premises will affect the placement and type of pests, but we’ll gather all the information we need to address the issue at hand.

Our pest experts will then recommend the best course of action, ensuring practical help for current pests or ways to deter potential pests.

Preventative measures or monitoring methods may include the use of:

  • Pheromone lures
  • Electronic insect traps 
  • Physical barriers (bird proofing and netting, rodent proofing)

At Bug Stop Industrial Extermination, we also use a special barcode reporting system, which allows us to track service records and trend analysis. It also lets clients check on any pest activity and provides important information for our external auditors.

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