Pheromone Traps

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Effective pheromone traps in Sydney

At Bug Stop Industrial Extermination, we supply a range of pheromone traps for pests, so if you’re experiencing problems with cockroaches, rodents or anything else, this might be the solution you need. Using the natural odours or pheromones of the insects in question, pheromone traps can lure pests into traps, ridding you of their presence.

In the natural world, insects use pheromones to attract their own species, so pheromone traps are an effective way of clearing them out of a property. Laboratories have isolated these pheromones, producing a concentrated scent for the traps.

One-stop service for pheromone traps

Our team at Bug Stop Industrial Extermination can supply and install the pheromone traps most suited to your particular circumstances. We work throughout Sydney and can also monitor the traps as requested, replacing and maintaining them for your added convenience.

Pheromone traps are especially useful in the following industries:

  • Food handling
  • Manufacturing 
  • Warehousing

Whether you already have pests or are just being careful, pheromone traps can catch the culprits that you know of, or identify pests you weren’t aware of. Stored product pests such as moths, beetles, and weevils can be eradicated, and we also supply pheromone traps for rodents and cockroaches. We’ll always choose the most suitable pheromones to deal with the pests you need to remove, so just get in touch if you need our help.

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