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Get immediate relief from your termite infestation in Sydney

Termites do not travel in the open like other pests. Most species are subterranean, meaning they nest underground. In most cases, the extent of nesting, exact location or number of nests is difficult or impossible to ascertain.

When travelling away from their nests, they shelter inside mud leads/trails because they need darkness and constant humidity.

Their presence can often go unnoticed and is often only found because damage is evident.

Signs of a termite infestation can include:

  • Cracked or warped wood
  • Hollow floorboards or wood
  • Swarming insects
  • Mud tubes on outside walls
  • Wood-coloured droppings (frass)

When termites do travel, they often leave mud trails, as their nests need to be moist, so they carry dirt along with them. If you know what to look out for, this is a more obvious sign of the presence of termites. At Bug Stop Industrial Extermination, we have the skills and experience to detect termites, and can assess your site, looking at humidity levels and other factors.

If termites are present, we can advise you on the next step, providing a reliable pest control service as required. We can also help you to protect your premises from their return.

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